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Say YES to yourself, and YES to YOUR Love Breakthrough!

I’ve been where you are right now. Years ago, I was single, divorced and looking for love. I remember the disappointment of having yet another relationship end painfully, and worse…the fear that something was wrong with me. One night, after a particularly painful breakup with a man I had been certain was the love of my life, I made what I call my “fetal position decision”. Yep, curled up in the fetal position on my bed, I declared…

I was either going to find my soulmate or be a cat lady…

One or the other. Soulmate or cat lady. Those were the only choices I gave myself. From that decision and commitment, I attracted my Love Mentor– and began the journey of self-discovery and opening myself up for true love and the life of my dreams. I’m so thankful that I moved past my fears, self-doubt and worries to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Once a year we offer a unique opportunity to learn with us, take your learning and growth to a new level and to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Why? In order for you to have something extraordinary, it’s important to DO something extraordinary. With women from all over the world seeing the value in our teaching and personal love mentoring, I wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to learn with us in this once a year opportunity- our Love Breakthrough Telecourse.

You may have some questions about the course. Here’s some answers.

How does this whole “group mentoring telecourse” work?
Telecourses are offered via the telephone and online through a webcast. Women will gather together from all over the world in an online learning community guided by Johnny and me. You don’t even need a phone to join us live. All you need is an Internet connection, and you can listen live and even ask questions by typing them in to us. Of course, you can just use a phone if you like, no Internet needed.

Between the live calls, you are also invited to post reflections in our exclusive global online community of like-minded women and to interact with them. It’s a 4 week course, with weekly recorded classes delivered to your email inbox, that you have lifetime access to. And a weekly LIVE Q & A call with Johnny and me and the other women in the course. There we answer your specific questions about what you learned in the classes and how they pertain to your unique situation. All Q & A sessions are also recorded, so you have full access to them later if you miss one.

What if I miss a class or am unable to attend a course session live?
All of the telecourse recordings are available by phone, through online playback or by download to your audio player. It happens where women who take the course are unable to attend the live calls, and judging by what they report, their experiences are just as powerful as those of live attendees. You may also post your questions for us to answer on the live calls—you’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the journey with other participants. You can also be as anonymous or as visible as you feel comfortable.

Will you be offering this Love Breakthrough Course again?
If we do offer it again live, it’ll be 2014 at the earliest, possibly 2015.

“What if this just isn’t a good time? I’m totally busy right now.”
Its never a “good time” to do something different… or so our mind tells us.
Instead of asking yourself “what if this just isn’t a good time?” what if you asked yourself a better question: “what if this is the right time?” or “how do I make this be the right time” or even better, “how can I make the next 6 weeks the most amazing and beautiful discovery of myself, and dive in to taste the fruits of unconditionally loving myself, and putting ME first?”

We’ve found that when you make that stand and put you first, the universe responds in kind, and things unfold beautifully, in a way that’s perfect for you.

Tell the Universe that attracting your soulmate is now a priority by giving yourself the gift of just a few hours a week to focusing on love. The Universe will respond in kind to your level of commitment.

“What’s the tuition?”
When we first offered it as a small pilot program it was $795 and the women expressed huge appreciation for the life-changing information and experience. Several women are with their soulmates now, and they cite this course as the catalyst for their being able to eventually attract the right man for them. We decided to drop the tuition significantly to only $397 when we opened it up to everyone. Yes, it’s the same course. Half price. Even better – right now we have an Early Bird Special going on (for just a few more days) that’ll save you another $100, so the one payment tuition is only $297. We also have a payment plan available that makes it only $167 today.

We even have a special limited bonus of your being able to join us for FREE at the Love Breakthrough Weekend, when you register now, as long as bonus seats are available.

Is this a “how to catch a man” program?
Oh H**L NO! This is a program about you, stepping into your power, your magnificence. Think of this course as an experience – an experience of diving into you… and uncovering the beauty inside of you that has been aching to come out. The man is the product of you putting you first, or like we say “doing you.” By doing you, the byproduct is often that you do find the man of your dreams, which is why we say “live the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side.”

The Early Bird Registration and special pricing and bonuses end this Thursday, March 21 at 11pm PST/ 2 am EST.

When does the course start?
You’ll receive our “Welcome and Kick Off Call” instantly upon registration, and the course begins this Friday, March 22nd, with class #1 that you can listen to any time over the weekend!

Isn’t now an excellent time to finally have a breakthrough in your love life?

To finally align your beliefs about yourself and behaviors toward yourself and others with soulmate love?

This IS your prayers answered for some help. Now the change you have been looking for can begin now, all you have to do is say YES to yourself, and YES to YOUR Love Breakthrough!

To find out more about the telecourse and all the fun bonuses we have for you as well, CLICK HERE.

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Denis Waitley

Oh, and if you have a question that we haven’t answered here just REPLY to this email with your question and I’ll be happy to answer it. But please don’t wait till the last second, you don’t want to forget to go for love!

P.S.: Got Love Questions? You asked, we’re answering: Live Q & A session this Thursday! If you have questions about our upcoming (starts Friday!) Love Breakthrough group mentoring telecourse, or any other love question. Our Love Breakthrough Question & Answer Session is for you to ask us any question (yes, even THAT one) about love, dating, and how you can make 2013 your year for soulmate love.

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