Love Bytes: Jimmy Fallon Gives Great Love Advice

couple cuddling in bed
Heartbreak, Sex

Plus, 8 sexy surprises he'll tolerate.

As long as the subject is not breaking into fits of laughter, I'd trust Jimmy Fallon to do just about anything. All he does is win, win, win. For that reason, I will trust him when he says to the key to happiness is being better looking than your friends. I'd like to point out that the key to escaping tigers is to be faster than your friend too. (The Frisky)

Two things terrify me: the occult and leprosy. A woman from Georgia is suing her ex-husband is suing her for casting a hex on her. (Huffington Post)

Marriage is these 10 things. "A crock" is not one of them. (The Stir)

Oral sex is pretty awesome, right? How about we crank it up to 11? (Em & Lo)

We all think the life of a porn star is beautiful, classy and glamorous. Evidently, that is not the case. (The Daily Beast)

Just because you love rough sex doesn't mean you can't be hurt. (The Gloss)

How to save a good relationship that just happened to go awry. (College Candy)

Just don't jam your finger anywhere that's primarily an exit … 8 sexy surprises he'll love. (Essence)

Why is it that men have a hard time rejecting women? (Madame Noire)

What do guys really look for in a lady (for dating)? (A New Mode)

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