Survey Reveals What Makes Men Husband Material

husband material

Bad boys and short guys, there's good news for you!

"Unfortunately, the number one husband-worthy trait that most women overlook is kindness. Not great news for all the nice guys out there!" states YourTango CEO, Andrea Miller.

Additional survey findings include:

  • Don't discount dads. Fifty-eight percent of experts agree that single fathers make great husbands.
  • Say "no" to mama's boys. Eighty-eight percent say that "mama's boys" are not husband material.
  • Bad boys can grow into great men. Eighty-five percent agree that a man with a checkered past can evolve into a great, lifelong partner over time.

From March 25 – 29, YourTango Experts will host Husband Material, an editorial initiative designed to celebrate the keepers out there!

Also, join YourTango's #HusbandMaterial Twitter party, March 26, 2-4 p.m. EST.

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Research methodology: Conducted on, we polled 103 mental health professionals between March 11 and March 18, 2013.