Weird News: Tis The Season For Semen

very happy sperm

Plus some other things you probably don't know about sperm and semen.

All hope is NOT lost. Per Psychology Today (et al), semen, through vaginal contact, has some anti-depressant qualities. More accurately, seminal fluid contains various nutrients and hormones that may help turn a frown upside-down via interaction with your lady smile. It does make most men pretty happy. While the science is somewhat disputed, I'm sticking with it until it's proved definitively false … yet another reason accidental pregnancy and STIs are jerks. Also, check this out: Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness, Says Crazy Science

Speaking of you are what you eat, it's long been known that a man's diet changes the quality AND taste of his stuff. Allegedly, fruits improve taste (pineapple especially if that whore Cheryl is to be believed) and a diet rich in protein makes flavor go the wrong way. And on the fertility front, a diet rich in walnuts can result in "improved sperm vitality, motility, and morphology (normal forms) in a group of healthy young men between 21-35 years of age." Soy, on the other hand, has been alleged to knock sperm count down by as much at 33%.

Stay cool and enjoy a healthy diet, friends.

Glossary: Sperm is a male gamete. Semen is the fluid sperm is kept in.
Qualities of sperm: Motility – speed. Morphology – shape normality (essentially). Count – number of lil fella's per milliliter. Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat have nothing to do sperm but good scores in those departments seem to enable more of its distribution.