Is Lack Of Sleep Getting In The Way Of Your Relationship?

woman who can't sleep

A new study finds that women suffer more than men when they don't get enough shuteye.

But when it comes to grumpiness, we can all try to be more compassionate and understanding despite our moods being terrible. Next time you wake up feeling stressed, like you may lash out at your partner or somebody else, just take a few breaths, step back and take a few minutes to yourself to feel a little bit calmer.

Oh, and if your partner is the one who's having a difficult time with moodiness in the morning, try to maintain an understanding attitude — it's hard to be cheery when you're feeling terrible! Plus, the more you two are able to understand where the other one is coming from, the less likely you are to get into an argument every time the sun rises — and that is one of the best ways to ease your minds.