Exclusive! Brad Goreski On Styling Jen Aniston For Her Wedding

Brad Goreski

"She's all about the body, that one," Brad tells YourTango about his vision for the bride-to-be.

"My boyfriend told me early on that we need to have our own lives, and I was 23 when he gave me this [advice]," Brad says about their secret to happily-ever-after. "This was right at the beginning of our relationship. I had no idea what that meant, because I was 23 years old, and that's actually been the thing that's been the most important for me. We have this amazing life together, but I have my work and he has his work."

Go on, B, tell us more. "We laugh and have fun and don't fight and don't sweat the small stuff. If you want it to be difficult, it can be difficult, and if you want it to be easy, it can be easy. We came together to enjoy ourselves, and we've been having the best time for almost 12 years now."

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