5 Timeless Love Lessons From Spring Break

Spring Break

From hook-ups to relationships, here's what I've learned about dating from crazy Spring Breaks past.

3. The Guy You Meet Drunk And The Guy You Meet Sober Are Two Different Guys
Please don't be that couple. I'm begging you. All you do together is party, party and (yep, you guessed it) ... party. My friend, we'll call her Jessica, didn't realize that insisted that she was in one of these relationships. Jess met her boyfriend over a trip to Cancun for Spring Break during our sophomore year. They were both absolutely trashed when they met at a beach party (and presumably for the entirety of the trip). He seemed like a fun guy when they met, but when every date night they shared was spent in a sticky frat basement playing flip cup, she quickly realized that the party scene was all this guy was about. Alcohol brings out the best ... and worst in us. It gives us liquid courage, it makes our insecurities seem overblown, and it blinds us from the real problems. If most of your time together as a couple is spent drinking — you may have bigger problems than a relationship can fix. I guess you could say, "What happens over Spring Break, stays over Spring Break". 

4. Don't Let A Relationship Ruin Your Fun As An Individual
Spring break is always more fun if you're single. Don't believe me? I had one girlfriend from a trip who, despite our every effort to try and include her in the fun with sight-seeing and clubbing downtown, was more content Skyping with her boyfriend back home. The worst part? He broke up with her at the end of the trip! So not only did she spend her vacation caught up in maintaining her relationship, she now always associates Spring Break with that breakup. I think that's terrible. Relationships shouldn't be so costly to you as an individual — you should still be able to go out with friends and enjoy your life, separate from your significant other. I'm not saying you should be able to go out for no-strings attached hookups and I'm definitely not endorsing cheating. All I'm saying is that if a relationship costs you your freedom to live life to the fullest, the cost is way too high.

5. Live In The Sexy Moment
One of the best things about Spring Break is that you live in the moment. As seniors in our last semester of school, our minds were occupied with graduation, which meant the terrifying realization that we were about to go searching for our first jobs, begin paying off our student loans and become (gasp) grown-ups. Spring break is one week where you get to escape all of that scariness. You drink to your heart's content (or I guess you could say, liver's limit), you go to the craziest parties and have no-strings attached hook-ups. Even though Spring Break only lasts a week, you'll remember it — even the bad parts — and isn't that like a perfect description of dating? Sometimes, it's good to healthy to apply that free-spirited ideology to the dating scene, overall.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Go ahead, kiss that cute stranger. The beauty of Spring Break is — you'll never see him again.0