5 Timeless Love Lessons From Spring Break

Spring Break

From hook-ups to relationships, here's what I've learned about dating from crazy Spring Breaks past.

Spring Break. It's the one time you're allowed — and actually, expected to — make mistakes.

Which is funny, because in college, you spent endless hours cramming for final exams, trying to earn an "A" from impossible-to-please professors, dealing with the terrifying notion that you'll eventually go on to graduate ... maybe not this semester or the semester next, but eventually, and that means real life, which leaves less wiggle room for mistakes. It's about dedicating one week away from worrying about all of these real, everyday stresses, and letting loose, margarita in hand.

While those days are long gone, there's a lot we can learn from them.

It's — in a lot of ways— like dating. Being on Spring Break is about having fun, being flirty and if you're lucky, hooking up with that cute stranger you met at the bonfire.

So I'll save you the airfare (not to mention, the monster hangover) and share some advice on love you would otherwise learn the hard way from your trip to Cabo, Miami, South Padre Island … or wherever else you wished you were partying this year.

1. Do Not Drink More Than Your Date.
A girlfriend of mine learned this the hard way. On a girls' night out at the local night club, she said yes to drink after drink from guy after guy. This led to us finding her totally sloshed on the floor of the girl's bathroom. We were grateful if only for the fact that we were the ones who found her (and not one of the club creepers who had been hitting on her all night). We spent the rest of the night carrying her over our shoulders, stumbling in our heels because we were basically dragging her down the sidewalk. The next morning, she had a major hangover and the rest of us had no numbers. Talk about a buzz kill.

2. There Are Plenty Of Fish In The (Warm, Tropical) Sea.
I think every woman has that one friend who just can't stand the idea of being single in life (so think of her as the Taylor Swift in your life). Or maybe, you are that friend. My friend — we'll just call her Katie — was that friend for me. She was constantly caught up in her dreams of pursuing her "Mrs. Degree" in college. (And always prompted me to joke, "So, you're pay $40,000 a year for a boyfriend? Most expensive dating service ever.") It didn't stop at school either. Katie brought that mentality with her over Spring Break and when we met up with her brother's friend, she was totally head over heels for him in half a minute. They flirted, even had a DFMO (dance floor make out session), but she groveled for his attention and she whined when he didn't text her back after the trip was over. It was something I had seen her done since I had met her freshman year. She was so caught up in finding "The One" with this guy, that I really don't think she was having as much fun as the rest of us. Too bad she wasn't noticing all the other guys (ahem, fishes) flirting with her or maybe she might actually have the boyfriend she so desperately wanted by now. Keep reading ...

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