Exclusive! Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet On Sexy Spring Fashion

Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet

Stacey Bendet and Rachel Roy dish on spring trends, fashion faux pas, and the power of high heels.

Already fantasizing about open-toe wedges and banishing your winter coat to the back of the closet?

The temperatures are slowing creeping up, so with spring just around the corner, we spoke to Alice + Olivia founder and designer Stacey Bendet at the launch party for ACTIVATE, a new nutrient-enhanced water, for her advice on giving our wardrobe a flirty upgrade for bare-more-skin season.

And—bonus!—famed designer Rachel Roy chimed in with her fashionable two cents about the faux pas even stylish women continue to make.

YourTango: What's the one item every woman should wear on every date?

Stacey Bendet: High heels. I don't think women should go on dates in flat shoes, unless they're, like, going for a run.

YT: How high?

SB: High, high. High heels are sexy.

YT: What are five sexy pieces every woman must add to her wardrobe ASAP?

SB: A short leather mini skirt, a pair of stilettos, an Alice + Olivia 'Olivia' bag, a pair of leather leggings, and a sexy, flirty party dress—black and white stripes are good.

YT: What's the biggest fashion mistake you see stylish women continually make?

SB: I think it's usually that dressing-like-a-man trend. I'm always like, really? You're beautiful, you're sexy. Don't dress that way! I like to see women really pretty.

Rachel Roy: I think a fashion faux pas is trying to wear a trend that doesn't apply to you, or that is not authentic to you. I think for us [Stacey and Rachel], we don't like rules, because if we start limiting ourselves, who knows what great idea or great design will never be used? It's corny, but it's by individual.

SB: A woman should look sexy. And, by the way, a suit can be sexy. There has to be an element of sexiness.

YT: What spring trend excites you?

SB: I'm designing next spring, but I love all the black and white for spring. I'm such a black and white girl. It's so signature to our line. There are these long black and white palazzo pants that I can't wait to wear. And, I'd like it to stop snowing. Sun is a trend I'm looking forward to.

YT: Which celebs are you most excited to see wear your clothes?

SB: I think one of the most iconic moments for me was when Gwyneth Paltrow was walking through the airport wearing two of our bags. That was amazing.

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