Are You Willing to Take a Second Chance at Love?


Finding and Rekindling a Long Lost Love...

Nothing enhances the feeling of loneliness more than a friend getting engaged or married. Though you’re happily single, these events often force you to confront the fact that your status has been that way for some time. Could it be that you’re still not over an old flame? Have you been secretly pining for the one that got away?

Chance encounters

Have you ever bumped into an ex and felt surprised to realize that you’re actually happy to see him again? There is a possibility that you still harbor some lingering feelings that only come to the surface when you are in front of him. Is he happy to see you too? Is he still single or has he moved on? As a million and one questions swirl around in your mind, you wonder if there is a possibility of re-kindling what you once had. And then you face another dilemma.

Too Short for Comfort...

Chance encounters are often what they are, purely chance or call it coincidence if you like. Some of us like to romanticize that it is fate, serendipity that lead you to the same cafe or shop. The only problem with this “manna from heaven” is that they can be all too short, sometimes so brief that you only manage to exchange smiling “hellos”, “you look good.” or “take care”. After that short, sweet exchange, your smile turns into a frown as you get the sinking realization that you have no way of getting in touch with him again.

How Do You Find Him Again?

Trying to find your ex again will test your skills, including cyber stalking. I have to warn you that it’s not going to be easy. Facebook may be the first place you will start the search, but looking there can only get you so far. What if he doesn't have a Facebook account? What if he had one but deactivated it? Despite the social network’s popularity, there are still those who don’t eat, breathe and live Facebook. Settings can also be adjusted to make an account “unsearchable.” The worse case scenario you might face is what if your old flame has since moved away and was only in your town for a few days to visit. Another option for searching you can try is through the use of area codes. As long as you know the either his zip code or area code, you can look for him on

What’s Next?

When you've finally located him, what’s next? You can send him a message asking how he is. Small talk. Once you get the conversation going, who knows where it will lead next. Maybe to a friendly date talking over coffee. If things go well, it could lead to candlelight dinners and walking on the beach as you rekindle your old romance. A word of warning though. Don’t set your expectations too high or else you could end up terribly disappointed when things don’t work out. It’s true that love comes with risks, one of which is a broken heart. But at least you tried to take a second chance on love rather than live with regrets and "what ifs." You can move forward with your life knowing that it’s not for the lack of trying and that you did everything you possibly could for love.

About the author 

Based in San Diego, California, Tiffany Matthews is a romantic at heart who believes in destiny and second chances. She loves to blog and shares with her good friends. You can find her on twitter as @TiffyCat87.