'The Bachelor' Week 9 Recap: Sean Lowe Survives 'Women Tell All'

Sean Lowe

Did Tierra bring her "light"? And what did Sean tell AshLee?

Looking surprised, he quickly denied the accusation, but it was hard to miss his slightly raised voice ... and his twitching eyes. After a commercial break, the show returned and aired non-edited footage of the two continuing back and forth about whether Sean actually dropped the "no feelings" bombshell. In the end, his continued denials left everyone unsure of who was telling the truth, or if the whole thing was just a tragic miscommunication.

The show ended with some bloopers (which revealed our Bachelor has a bit of a potty mouth!), and all but confirmed Des will be announced next week as the next Bachelorette—Sarah wasn’t endearing enough to usurp Des' position as fan-favorite, and AshLee only made people question her honesty. Do you agree?


Photo: ABC