AshLee Frazier & Sarah Herron Confront 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe

The Bachelor's Sean Lowe

Take a peek at what happens on tonight's "Women Tell All" episode.

It's about to get real. Tonight's the night Bachelor fans have been eagerly awaiting—when the women return to tell fans (and Sean!) how they really feel about everything that happened this season. 

One of the night's biggest moments is sure to come when AshLee gets her chance to confront Sean about her shocking elimination last week. The typically emotional bachelorette was visibly angry when she didn't get a rose from Sean, and apparently she still hasn't cooled down. Host Chris Harrison hints to E! News that things got pretty heated between the two during taping for the "Women Tell All" episode. 

On that same note, producer Robert Mills used his Twitter account to tease Sarah's fiery confrontation with the man who left her heartbroken. "Something for everyone in WTA, #Bachelornation will all have their favorite moments. Mine is Sarah-one of our best hot seats ever."

And then there's Tierra, who some speculated might not even participate in the special. (C'mon, did anyone seriously think the drama queen would deny more camera time?) Will she apologize for any of her actions on the show? Is she really engaged? Will the other ladies gang up on her for her hostility toward, well, everyone?

As for Bachelorette hopefuls, Desiree appears to be in the lead, so we’re expecting her to be quite the diplomat when hashing things out with Sean—after all, she may have him to thank for her own show. 

Do you want Desiree to be named the next Bachelorette?

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