You Don't Need To Be A Pro In Bed To Get His Attention! [VIDEO]


YourTango Expert Patty Contenta offers advice about sex!

Are you really concerned about your sex life? Are you wondering if you have enough tricks up your sleeve to keep your man happy between the sheets? Well, you won't have to wonder anymore because help is on the way!

In this video, wellness coach and YourTango Expert Patty Contenta explains that you don't have to leave you comfort zone to keep him satisfied. Rather, sexual satisfaction is about sensuality and becoming comfortable enough in your own skin to know you're sexy and to turn him on without resorting to tricks.

Contenta suggests that you take dance lessons. Dance is a way to aggress sexuality, there is a lot of hip movements that will make your partner go crazy. Taking a belly dancing class or even a Latin dance class will make you feel sexier and increase your sex drive. After taking the class you can either bring your new talents to use either on the dance floor or horizontally in the bedroom.

In this video, Contenta also shows some dance tips she uses that can help feel sexier about yourself. Making your sex life better can be very simple; in fact, you don’t need to do anything crazy at all.