'Downton Abbey' Introduces First Black Character; Who Will It Be?

the cast of 'Downton Abbey'

Black History Month may have ended, but there are still new things to celebrate.

By nature of its time (1920s) and place (posh estate in England), Downton Abbey is whiter than Vanilla Ice. But The Sun of the UK just issued some casting notices for Downton Abbey Season 4—which is due to start filming on March 23, and premiere in the U.S. in January—and they are introducing their first black character.

According to The Sun, the show is looking for an actor to play a musician named Jack Ross. Jack is described as age 25-30, and a singer at an exclusive club in the 1920s.

"He’s black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma," the casting notice reads, adding that the actor should "ideally be able to sing brilliantly ... Overall he should be a very attractive man with a certain wow factor."

So, what will he be doing on the show?

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