Neon Trees On Touring With Adam Levine, 'American Idol' & More

Neon Trees

Exclusive! The "Everybody Talks" band plays matchmaker for the hottest single stars in music.

Before performing at the Billboard relaunch party, the members of Neon Trees—Elaine Bradley, Chris Allen, Tyler Glenn, and Branden Campbell—talked exclusively to YourTango about touring with Maroon 5 (Hello, Adam!), American Idol, and who pop music's single ladies should (and shouldn't) date.

YourTango: You've toured with Maroon 5. Tell us about Adam Levine.  Is he a 'nice Jewish boy' or a 'playboy'?
Bradley: He's super normal.
Glenn: We're currently getting to know him. We have the rest of the year to tour with him. They're all nice.
Bradley: They're something to aspire to.
Glenn: To have the success ...
Bradley: ... and still be super-human. Not super human, but very human. First day of the tour, they all said 'hey' and came to our dressing room, and seriously, chit-chatting like normal people.
Glenn: It was fun.

YourTango: What's something people would be surprised to learn about Adam?
Allen: He apparently doesn't own any black belts, because he asked to borrow a black belt from us one night.

YourTango: Do you watch American Idol? What do you think about Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey joining the judges' table?
Glenn: I couldn't handle it with Nicki Minaj. I would switch [the channel]. I will say that out loud. I was expecting Mariah Carey to be a little annoying, but I actually found sympathy with her.
Bradley: Glitter is not what Mariah Carey is all about ... It's not her fault.

YourTango: Any advice for the music industry hopefuls?
Campbell: First of all, recognize if you have some natural talent. Your mom's always going to be nice.
Bradley: Well, hopefully, your mom's gonna be nice ...
Campbell: ... but a lot of practice, 'cause you're gonna need it, and if you're writing music, make sure you write songs that you like, because if they're successful, you're going to be playing it a lot.
Glenn: Don't let the TV shows be the only way.
Allen: Work hard and read books on how to succeed in the music business, because there's a lot to it. You have to network and meet the right people. Keep reading ...

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