Love Bytes: Why Does Steve Harvey Want You To Get Married?

steve harvey

Plus, is drama-free ex sex possible?

Listen, I understand that it's mostly married women who watch the new Family Feud. And stoners. But is there another reason that Steve Harvey is trying to marry off all the eligible black women? (Madame Noire)

Is it possible to have drama-free ex-sex? For realsies? (ModernMan)

Speaking of … How confusing are on-again, off-again relationships? (PopSugar)

It may not be sexy but a few seconds of love per day can save your relationship. (HowAboutWe)

Is it really sex if you're using a condom? (BroBible)

Is it really possible for one person to improve a relationship without help from his partner? (Good Men Project)

What do you get when you cross a gigolo with a couch-surfer? All I know is he better have some abs … (The Gloss)

If pubic hair (or lack there of) could talk … (The Frisky)

Did anyone like Seth MacFarlane's jokes? Was the "boob song" really so awful? (The Atlantic)

What if sex a few times per year is enough? (The Stir)

People buy porn? A man "loses" his $7,500 collection of skin flicks. Sounds dubious. (Huffington Post)

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