Love Bytes: The Most Awkward Places To Meet Guys

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Plus, one guy tests out mantyhose for a week.


We're all for the "single ready to mingle" attitude, but some places should just be off limits for meeting new guys. (Think: the bathroom). Here are the most awkward places to pick up a dude. (Madame Noire)

A 104-year-old woman lies about her age on Facebook, but it's not her fault. It's Mark Zuckerberg's. (The Stir)

Who's the "ideal" porn star? After studying more than 10,000 adult film stars and their careers (tough work), John Millward came up with the perfect one. (The Frisky)

What's the deal with mantyhose? One guy tests out a pair of guylons for a week. (The Daily Beast)

Someone from the Playboy Mansion called 911. Don't worry, the bunnies are fine. (Huffington Post Weird News)

You know you've been waiting for it. Introducing The Bachelor: Toddler Edition (Huffington Post Good News)

From Simon Cowell to Hulk Hogan, here are the greatest celebrity man boobs. Yeah, you read that right. (Ranker)

The 7 best things a guy can do after sex. (College Candy)

The best love stories (tearjerkers) from past best picture winners. (PopSugar)

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