5 Flirting Tips for Men


Here are some subtle yet effective ways you can win the attention of the girl you’re eyeing.

There’s a hot girl across the room, and you’ve got your eyes on her. What now? Without you knowing it, you might already be making the big moves – flirting like a pro.

Here are five tips to master the whole art of flirting, courtesy of Discovery Fit and Health. One thing leads to another, so who knows, you might have to bring out your best penis ring tonight…

1. Act interested. You probably have received an entirely different advice in the past, but think about it: how else will the girl have an idea that you like her? Women may find that it works for them to play coy, but the reverse will likely work to your advantage. Just be careful about being too interested, because things need to stay fun, light, and exciting in the flirting phase. You don’t want to creep her out because you’re coming on too strong.

2. Play hard to get. Before you think that this entirely contradicts tip # 1, here’s the thing: pay attention to the object of your affection, but don’t give too much. Avoid complimenting her every feature or action, and never think of fawning all over her – things that fall under the Stalker type. For instance, if you’re in a group, talk to other women as well (without flirting, of course). When you finally talk to the girl of your choice, don’t be overly approving, but don’t be dismissive and critical.

3. Get physical. A little touch will go a long way, especially in letting someone know that you like her. The rule is to employ appropriate touches – find a way to grab her hand first to test the waters. If she likes you, there’s a chance that she’ll let you keep her hand. Touch, but don’t get into the groping territory – because it might cost you some escorting out of the door.

4. Make her laugh. Believe them when they say that one of the fastest ways to get a girl’s attention is to be funny and charming. As for being funny, a whole range of knock-knock jokes isn’t really what we’re talking about. It’s about being lightly making fun of yourself; you can also lightly make fun of her in an appreciative way to let her in on your flirting game. However, make sure she doesn’t become the butt of jokes – keep things light and fun.

5. Be curious. Did you know that one of the best flirting methods is to ask questions and to listen to the answers she’ll give? Showing an ability to listen in a sincerely interested way will make you a cut above the rest. But don’t go overboard if the story isn’t worth that much telling, and watch out for that trap of the lovesick BFF (or lending an ear to anything related to her past or current relationship messes).

Most often you don’t need to think about the most good-looking cage cockring right away and how you’ll do best in bed. It all begins in making the perfect move, mastering flirtation in subtle yet highly effective ways.