Dating Rules - Unwritten dating rules


Do you know them all?

Since time immemorial, there have been unwritten rules about it to date, what to do and what not to do. Most of us probably know some of them or heard about them, but do you know them all?

It's probably very few people who have not tried to be on a date. Sometimes it goes well, other times bad, but what is it that makes some dates are worse than others? Is it chemistry? The look? Expectations? Or it may be because we have "forgotten" the old unwritten dating rules?

As a single I have read most books about single life, relationships, etc. But no matter how many books I have read, and how many pieces of advice I've followed, then, and I am poor to date.

I'm always nervous and red in the face, can not figure out what to do with myself, or what is expected of me, and I must honestly admit that there are very few of the unwritten dating rules that I really 've met - it is what are the reasons for my long single status, I do not know, I am probably like most and believe in the quote "All good things come to those who wait".

There have been many books written about it to date, and each book has its own advice and solutions, and if you read 10 different books where there is conflicting advice, so it can become difficult to choose what advice you should follow. So instead of reading 10 books about the same topic, then it's much easier to have a list of dating rules, so can they not go completely wrong ... Or can you? For after looking at the rules for men and women, it's easy to understand why we often misunderstand each other.

Dating rules for women:

First Always came a little too late

Second After a meeting, then wait a few days to call him

3rd Be costly

4th Always look good!

5th Discussions and information not too much about yourself, remember that women should be mysterious

6th Keep your dates short, the less they get - the more they will be

7th Let him pay

8th Expect to get flowers - otherwise drop him

9th Do not have sex with a guy on the first date - wait until after 10 date.

10th If he wants to see you, so be busy - and tell when YOU want to see (be busy on weekends)

11th Never talk about ex girlfriends, children or marriage on the first dates

12th Never criticize his mother

13th Let him come to you - not vice versa

14th Always have plenty of patience

15th Never drink too much alcohol, but drink lots of water.

16th Flirt a little with other men, he think he should chase you.

17th Be feminine, remember you are a woman with large K.

Dating rules for men:

First Come Never too late

Second After a meeting, call first to her after 24 hours (max 1 call per day)

3rd Show interest and give compliments

4th Look good and smell good

5th Tell about your job, women love men with ambition

6th Be like a faucet, first turn on the hot water, so cold and so the heat - she must not know where she got you.

7th Remember that it is you who pay on the first 3 dates.

8th Buy flowers and gifts

9th Do not expect sex on the first date

10th Invite her out again, she says no to 3 invitations - then drop her

11th Do not talk about sports or ex-partners

12th Be a gentleman, pull the chair out, open the door and talk nicely.

13th Do not be available all the time

14th Always have plenty of patience

15th Never drink beer on a date!

16th Do not look at other women while on a date.

17th Sorry never for your male mindset!

Someone will probably find these lists of old-fashioned, others will take them to him, but whatever, it's important dating advice, to be themselves.

Good luck