The Real Difference Between Single and Married Women


Some women need to be married. Others don't. How are they different?

Last week, I was honored to take part in the filming of a documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) on single people around the world, called Flying Solo (to be released, Fall, 2013). As you probably know by now, there are more single people than married people, for the first time in U.S. history. What you may not know is that this trend is happening all around the world. In just about every developed country, the number of single people is rising. (As in the U.S., some are single for life, some marry later, others are divorced but at any given point in time, the percentage of singles is trending upward.)

Scott Harper and his crew showed up at my apartment around 8am to set-up. We filmed for 3-4 hours, including a lunch I had with some girlfriends at Eolo, an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood.
It was at this lunch that I was reminded of one of my favorite blog posts by another blogger. Scott asked us something about the difference between single and married women. I paraphrased a line from a blog post… Read more: