Love Bytes: The Early Valentines Day Recap

valentines day

Plus, how to ask out a dude you've never met.

The one word (other than "fat") that can knock the wind from any Valentines Day sails. (HowAboutWe)

A wonderful love story to warm your heart. (Huffington Post)

Are there new rules of online dating? Were they written on a tablet? (The Daily Beast)

11 played-out romantic moves that will never happen to you (The Gloss)

Will or willn't real good grammars make or unmake you're relationships? (eHarmony)

This eCard sums up dating in New York the City. (PopSugar)

The BEST 10 Valentines Day cards on the whole internet. (Ranker)

Single? How do you ask out a dude you just met? (Betty Confidential)

Hold up. Isn't EVERY day supposed to be Valentines Day? (Hello Beautiful)

Can a guy be talked into an open relationship? (Em & Lo)

AND the worst Craiglist V-Day ad to date. (NY Mag)

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