6 Surprising Valentines Day Statistics

Valentines Day hearts

Funny, strange and shocking V-Day facts we bet you didn't know.

Chocolate, flowers and expensive dinners — there's a lot we've come to expect each year on the day of love. But, looking at recent studies and surveys, a lot of things have changed. From the gifts that matter most to how we're sending our love letters, we count down the most unlikely V-Day stats.

1. Christian Grey Really Got To Him
According to iVillage's 2013 Married Sex survey, more men report a bigger change in their sex life after reading Fifty Shades Of Grey than women. Of those couples who read the red-hot trilogy, 65% said their sex life did change as a result. And, 87% of men said it changed their bedroom behavior, while only 34% of women channeled their inner Anastasia.

2. February 14?
Turns out, couples aren't so attached to February 14 being the day of love. Zagat's Valentines Day Survey reveals that when celebrating V-Day with their sweetheart, most people would rather go out to dinner on another day. Anniversaries and birthdays also beat Valentines Day as occasions for spending the most on dinner with significant others.

3. Whatever You Do, Don't Fake It
Did your partner make you pay for your dinner? Have a chocolate stomach ache? According to a recent sex.com survey, those V-Day mishaps are nothing compared to the #1 Valentines Day turn-off: Faking an orgasm. Yep, sex trumps the chocolate, roses and Hallmark cards. In that case, make him pay for dinner.

4. Fido Is Getting The V-Day Love
Forget your sweetheart, Galentine or annual anti-Valentines Day party, you've got a pooch to celebrate with on Feb 14. Instead of worrying about what to get their hubbies, women are focused on pampering their furry friend on the day of love. According to Google's search trends, searches for 'personalized dog gifts' are more than 214% higher than searches for 'personalized husband gifts'.

5. Women Aren't All About Gifts
Diamonds, expensive lingerie and chocolate. Turns out, that's not what women are after on the day of love. According to Groupon, 80% of women say sharing an experience with their man this Valentines Day is important so they can build “once-in-a-lifetime” memories together. Ideal dates for women include: a weekend away, a romantic meal or a night at the theatre.

6. Traditional Trumps Technology
We may be living in a digital age — and one where the Post Office is even eliminating delivery days — but that doesn't stop us from desiring our V-Day card to be sealed with a kiss. According to HooplaHa's Love and a Smile survey, 73% of people prefer to send a paper card over an e-card on February 14. 

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