The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Ex Sex

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Want to say "no" to ex sex? Try these three methods of avoidance.

Getting over an ex can be a struggle, no question there. Resisting the temptation to reconnect one, twice or multiple times for sex post-breakup is no easy feat.

Along with Astroglide, we recently hosted a reader contest to find out: what's the best way to avoid ex sex? We received nearly 100 responses offering advice that ranged from humorous ("Wear giant granny panties every day until you meet someone new!") to motivational ("Respect yourself enough to not go back to the past."). 

In the end, the YourTango & Astroglide teams could choose but three favorites. Check out the top three ways to avoid sex with your ex and read about the prizing these lucky winners will receive! Want to read all the entries? Check them out here

1. Grand Prize: "Delete contact, Block on Facebook, Change your number, start over!" -Amy LaDawn Nichols

2. 2nd Prize: "Toxic-Ex Evaporator: BFF, wine, tears, pride, possibilities...New guy!... *Poof!*" -sweetpea1223

3. 3rd Prize: "Stay true to yourself. Be a temple, not a tavern." -coco

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