Welcome To Break Up With Your Ex Day 2013!

break up with your ex day

Have you broken up with your ex yet?

Break Up With Your Ex Day 2013 has arrived! For those of you who are still texting, Tweeting at, Facebooking with, calling, daydreaming about or otherwise feeling hung up on a past love, today is your day. It's time to cut ties — digitally, physically and emotionally — just in time for Valentine's Day. 

If you're like 80 percent of readers recently surveyed, you want to stop thinking about your ex. Our third annual Break Up With Your Ex campaign is all about helping you do this: unfriend him on Facebook, unfollow on Twitter, delete his number from your phone and his IM name from your chat service. The old adage "out of sight, out of mind" was never truer than in the case of forgetting an ex!

This year, Break Up With Your Ex is also focused on helping you forget your type. If you are stuck in the same old dating patterns, find yourself unhappily dating the same type of guys whom you meet in the same old way—today is your day to change it up! 

Here's an overview of the resources and events we have planned for Break Up With Your Ex Day 2013:

- Visit BreakUpWithYourEx.com. This is your one-stop shop for all Break Up With Your Ex articles, videos and slideshows. Here you'll find advice such as the importance of breaking up with your ex10 great ways to avoid hooking up with an ex, the signs you should reconcile with an ex and 13 ways to get over your ex once and for all!

- YourTango Staff takes over Facebook.
At 3pm ET, join the YourTango staff on our Facebook wall to talk the ins and outs of breaking up with an ex and hear their personal takes on the matter.
- Find out the winner of Astroglide's "how to avoid ex sex" contest, which we will be announcing this afternoon! Check out the inspiring and amusing submissions here

And, finally, ditch your ex for good!
Join staff and readers who've decided they deserve to get over an ex for good—and unfriend, unfollow and otherwise detach yourself from your ex, just in time to start anew on Valentine's Day.

For a limited time only, receive our free eBook, Break Up With Your Ex (a $5 value), yours free when you sign up for YourTango's free, daily newsletter.

Get even more insights about how (and why) to ditch your "type" and free yourself from unhealthy attachments -- so you can finally find the love of your life.

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