13 Ways To (Finally!) Get Over Your Breakup

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Ready to move on? Here are 13 tips from women who took charge of getting over their exes!

"I went through a rigorous six-month hiring process to get a job where my ex was living. And after it all was finally in place, he dumped me. I was in a small town where I didn't know anyone, but after all I'd been through to make this career leap, I decided to stay and stick it out. I threw myself into my work, listening to clients with a more delicate ear than ever and I wound up finding a huge support system in my manager and colleagues. Being surrounded by those positive people gave me a renewed sense of determination, and I actually went on to become No. 1 in sales in our company my very first year. Who knew that the hardest three months of my life would wind up being the most important for my career?" —Kylie K.

"I was dating this guy for a few months and he had convinced me that I was capable of running a half marathon—something I'd never thought about. He motivated me to push myself to up run three times as many miles as I ever had, but once we'd broken up there were still two months before the race. I could have given up and said, 'My motivation is gone. This guy doesn't like me anymore, etc.' Instead, I trained even harder and showed up at 6:30 the morning of the race, convinced that if I saw him, I'd be able to run right by him. I never did, but I finished in a great time and never looked back." —Adria B.

"When my ex and I broke up, I became way more involved with the volunteer work I was doing, leading day trips for adults with developmental disabilities. It was great because it kept me active and exploring fun things in my city that I wouldn't have thought to try otherwise, but it was also felt really fulfilling to know that I was helping out. The participants were awesome, totally accepting and loving, and working with the group was the perfect thing to snap me out my post-breakup funk."—Jenna M.

"After things ended with my live-in ex, I found myself on my own with a lot of time on my hands. This might sound a little dorky but I picked up one of my favorite old hobbies: crocheting. I started making blankets and actually ended up opening a store on Etsy. They ultimately sold so well that the cash has funded Christmas shopping for the families of my now-husband and I for the last three years! Now I'm taking up weaving and am onto my second project on my new loom." —Lyndsey D.

"When my ex and I broke up, I began making a point of saying 'yes' to everything. 'Want to go away for the weekend?' 'Yes!' 'Want to go to a freak show?' 'Yes!' I ended up taking salsa lessons, joining CrossFit, and staying so active that I got over him way more quickly than I could've expected." —Stephanie N.

"The most awesomely effective way I've gotten over a breakup was an impulsive and poorly planned vacation in Southeast Asia after parting with my boyfriend of two years. The trip was pretty much one ridiculous mishap after the other, but when I came back I had so many new stories that it made the split seem like a lifetime ago." —Whitney C.

"My last breakup killed me, but I knew I had to take charge. I wound blocking my ex's number, cutting off all communication and making a list of the things he did that sucked, as well as one of the things I realized I wanted in a boyfriend going forward. Once I finished creating that second list, I realized I'd made the mistake of pushing someone away who was exactly what I'd wanted all along because of that previous loser. I reached back out to him and we've been together ever since." —Jess D.

"When my ex and I broke up, I decided I was going to do everything I'd always wanted to do that he'd strongly been against. Within a matter of weeks, I said yes to my company's offer to send me on an eight-day trip to Las Vegas. Though five of them were spent at a tech conference, the last three were spent with a friend who drove over to help me ring in my 25th birthday. When I got home I got a tattoo of the word 'love' on my wedding finger, having come to the realization that I loved myself far more than my ex ever could have." —Agatha Z.

"After I broke up with this one guy, I decided to go to the hairdresser and donate my hair to 'Locks of Love.' It made me feel great because I was helping someone else as well as seizing a moment to embrace change." —Lizzy D.

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