'The Bachelor's' Michelle Money's Breakup Survival Guide

Michelle Money
Buzz, Heartbreak

Rule No. 1: Delete all traces of your ex from your phone.

Tip 2: So, yeah, forget his birthday
Even if the split was amicable, avoid that annual 13 letter text. "You don't send the happy birthday text," Michelle warns. "It's like, ‘What's the point?'"

Tip 3: Put down the spoon and back away from the Häagen-Dazs
"Don't eat ice cream, don't do that. That's just going to make you [feel] more unhappy," the beauty expert, who recently opened her own studio, says. "Go work out. Go do yoga. Find different outlets where you can keep your mind busy … focus on different things you can do for yourself."

Tip 4: Get out of Dodge for the weekend
When you can’t bear another millisecond of a sappy Lifetime movie, it's time to book a bus ticket and change the scenery. Michelle, who has one sister in New York and another in San Diego, advises during difficult times, "Stay in touch with the people who really love you."

Tip 5: Finally, limit the social stalking
Keep peeking at his Twitter page? Waiting anxiously for a check-in? Michelle understands, but has a tough love pill for you to swallow. "The best thing to do is unfriend them," she says about cutting the relationship cord. "Do your best to not engage in any part of their life, social media included."

How do you survive a breakup?