Love Bytes: Is Math The Only Thing Missing From Online Dating?

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Plus, how you and your cats can party on Valentines Day together.

Online dating is tricky. While it seems more convenient and effective, the logistics are a nightmare. That's why you need a Google-like algorithm. (The Daily Beast)

And sometimes there is just no one for you on the internets. Meet Brian Donovan. (HowAboutWe)

Cat ladies, rejoice. 5 romantic things you can do with your kiddies on Valentines Day. (TheFrisky)

Be your own Valentine this year and win BIG. (Betty Confidential)

How feminism wrecked one lady's romantic endeavors. (GoodMen Project)

The strangest Valetines Day gifts on record. No cut-off ears, fortunately. (Huffington Post)

Are men you don't know hitting on you on Facebook? It IS a numbers game … (The Gloss)

What're the best wedding shows ever? Seems like an oxymoron. (Ranker)

You'd probably be happier if you were loved more like a lil kid. (Huffington Post)

Did you know love songs can make you feel more in love? (eHarmony)

The MOST famous kisses in history, not including The Princess Bride. (TresSugar)

Is gunfire the newest aphrodisiac? This is the heyday of the gun bunny. (NY Mag)

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