10 Ways To Avoid Hooking Up With Your Ex

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We're hosting a contest to ask you — the readers — what's the best way to avoid ex sex?

Last week, we kicked off our annual Break Up With Your Ex campaign to bring you great content on how to finally break up with your ex for good! We've consulted our experts on why we choose the wrong relationships; we've outlined the steps to erase your ex's digital footprint (and stop stalking them online); and we've shared one writer's story on how being dumped was the best thing for her love life.

Now, we want to hear from you! We've teamed up with Astroglide to ask readers for advice: "What's the best way to avoid ex sex — in 10 words or less?"

So far we've received some awesome — and amusing — advice. Here are our 10 favorite tips received so far.

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1. Gratitude for past good times; anticipation of future loving experiences.

2. Avoid the option: delete from phone, unfriend on Facebook.

3. Avoid calls, avoid texts, at all costs do not reply!

4. Stay true to yourself. Be a temple, not a tavern.

5. Pretend you have HERPES, syphilis, gonorrhea -- or JUST SAY "NO."

6. Go hang out with your friends instead and have fun!

7. Block. His. Number!

8. Keep reminding yourself of all the bad times!

9. Wear giant granny panties everyday til you meet someone new!

10. Don't romanticize your ex or old relationship!

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