Top 5 life changing books to read in 2013


New publications that can transform how you see yourself and the world.

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Get a new perspective for 2013. It's now February but it's not too late to start changing your mind towards a healthier mindset. Just like exercise, how you perceive and think about the world can affect your sense of well-being. Here are some titles to get started:

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein: Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw meets Marianne Williamson with this 40-day guidebook on how to shift your thoughts from fear to love (the agape kind). Every day has a lesson and each week a theme to give your mind a workout on getting from negative to positive.

Rewire Your Brain For Love by Dr. Marsha Lucas: The benefits of mindfulness meditation are explored in this book by Dr. Lucas. Using neuroscience to explain how the brain can change from a meditation practice, Dr. Lucas provides a path to change your brain on a physical level towards love and away from fear.

Gratitude and Goals by Stacey Grewal: If reaching goals are hard for you perhaps being grateful for what you have can get your motivation going again. When you focus on what you already have it shifts your thoughts to a state that allows you to choose wisely in the moment.

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte: A radical new method of goal setting. LaPorte encourages people to focus on their core emotions and to only have three major goals at a time. Then she advises you to connect your goal with the emotion you feel its accomplishment will give you. In this way you feel the good feelings in the course of working on the goal. So you will most likely keep pursuing the goal and it won't feel like work.

Power Genes by Maggie Craddock: Understand how your leadership style is affected by your childhood role in your family of origin. Craddock explains how power archetypes have their strengths and drawbacks and what your power style says are areas of growth.