Love Bytes: How Do You Tell Your Friend Her Guy Is Cheating?

Love, Heartbreak

Plus, 10 ways you can tell he's the wrong person to marry.

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10 ways that kitties can teach you to be better parents. (Huffington Post)

How to make your carphone work for you instead of against you in your relationship. (eHarmony)

Not ALL of them are liars … you should try online dating again. (TresSugar)

First get the glow sticks, then save your marriage with Ecstasy. (NY Mag)

Um, a sanitarium? Where's the craziest place you've had sex? (Betty Confidential)

I'd go with open-heart surgery, but here are 5 other tips for fixing a broken heart. (A New Mode)

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Just an FYI, dummies, y'all, I'm fat not pregnant. Don't get it twisted. (Already Pretty)

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