10 Unlikely Signs Your Relationship Is Normal

couple in bed

See how your relationship habits stack up against those of nearly 100,000 other people.

6. You keep a separate bank account.
We teach our kids that sharing is caring, but that doesn't mean that everything that's mine is yours. A whopping 60 percent of couples without kids and 40 percent with kids keep separate bank accounts. Still, whether they have separate or joint accounts, 62 percent of married couples share equal access to each other's accounts and investments.

7. You aren't bothered by the idea of a prenup.
Only 3.6 percent of surveyed married couples have prenups, but that doesn't mean they’re morally opposed to them. More than half, 53 percent, of respondents said they wouldn't be upset if their partner had asked for one.

8. You think you have a happier relationship than your friends.
True or false: Your friends have happier relationships than you. If you answered false, you're part of the 46 percent of couples who think they're happier. Another 37 percent of couples think they're equally happy in love, and 17 percent think their own relationship is less happy. The response varies by how long couples have been together. People newly in love are more likely to think they're happier. People in long-term relationships are more likely to think the grass is greener for their friends. Either way, your answer to the question isn't really about your friends. It's about you.

9. You don't entirely trust your partner.
You love your partner. You'd do anything for him or her. But only 53 percent of men and 39 percent of women are completely trusting. Yikes.

10. You've read your partner's email.
Have you ever snooped around your partner's inbox? Fifty-four percent of women and 49 percent of men have. The snooping didn't necessarily have anything to do with being suspicious. Some people say women are just more nosy, err, curious. But hey, maybe men are more likely to forget to log out of their email accounts!

So how normal is your relationship? And what "normal" behaviors would you like to change for the better? Check out The Normal Bar to find out how.