4 Genius Apps To Score You Brownie Points With Your Boyfriend

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Eager to show him how much you care? Technology to the rescue.

Kouply: The "It's You And Me Against The World" App

The perfect app for the confident couple that's not ashamed of their awesomeness and doesn't care if you call them smug, Kouply lets you give shout-outs to your partner ("Johnny bought me a YSL bag just because!" you might proudly proclaim) and — when your competitive side kicks in — the app turns into a game platform that lets you compete with other couples and beat one's another scores. The couple that kicks ass together stays together, right? Kouply claims to encourage people to be "grateful and playful," but we're beginning to think we might have a real-life Hunger Games on our hands soon. How romantic!

Which apps have you and your sweetie been addicted to lately?