Things about over 50 dating


Let's hear what people say about dating over 50

Dating over 50 is a hot topic among senior singles. Here are the stories from mature single woman over 50 and their trials and tribulations of dating. If you are ready to take the challenge and find the one for you, just go forward.

The biggest challenge of dating after 50?
Susan Worsham: All my friends are married and do not want to go with me every time I want to go out. I don't really want to go out alone.

Undra Woods: You feel out of the loop when you start dating again [after a divorce or becoming a widow]. The biggest challenge is finding someone the family likes.

Judy Arace: I didn't know what to wear. I didn't know how to fix my hair. I said, Who in the world wants to date me?

Wanda McCutchen: When I hit 50, no problem. When I hit 55, I didn't have any problems. Now that I'm 59, I'm really having problems.

Susan Butterworth: You're older, wiser and it's more complicated.

Mildred Kline: One of my friends said, 'There are no good men out there because all the 50-year-olds are dating 19-year- olds.'

Cheyenne Moss: The challenge of finding sincere people and finding places to go to meet people.

Cynthia Gaines: I find it hard to meet men with similar interests. I am meeting men who don't read the newspaper or follow current events.

Form the above, we can tell that the biggest problem for them is where, how and who to meet for dating? I think online dating should be a great idea to solve all their issue.

For online dating, you will set your profiles first, you can express yourself fully and indicate what type of people you are looking for. Also, you can browse all the profiles and choose the one who share the same interest to contact with. You can communicate on line for sometime before you both decide to meet. This way you do not worry about the awkward when you first meet since you have already know each other on line. There are so many dating sites out there, I think dating sites for seniors is the right one for us over 50 singles. I would suggest, if that can help, it would be great.