Cheaters ... Do They Deserve A Second Chance?

Tiger Woods

Does Tiger Woods have any chance at restoring his image ... and love life?

It’s been more than two years since Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce—she’s moved on with a nearly-complete multi-million dollar renovation to a North Palm Beach, Fla. beachfront property, and he’s striking up a romance with recently divorced Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn?

Neither confirming nor denying the love buzz, Lindsey’s rep stated, “Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe. Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time."

So, if the rumors are true, does Tiger deserve this second chance after the Rachel Uchitel et al grenade he tossed at his image?  “Everyone deserves forgiveness, but for celebrities it’s often more difficult. Every time a new story comes out, we are asked to relive the cheating,” explains YourTango expert and therapist Nina Atwood, who’s authored five books including Temptations of the Single Girl. “What the public looks for is a good reason to forgive. For instance, if Tiger gets serious about someone we like, and if he does what we believe is the ‘right thing’—marries her, is faithful to her—then we forgive.”

Atwood believes enough time has passed since Cheatergate, and—as long as Tiger's learned the necessary lessons—it’s possible for him to partake in a healthy relationship. “The evidence of whether or not he made changes will show up in his dating patterns over the next few months and years.”

Still, don’t bet Elin’s mega-mansion on Lindsey and Tiger making it for the long haul. “Lindsey Vonn is probably not ready to date—her divorce was just finalized this month," Atwood explains. "It’s possible that she has been working through her issues for a long time; if so, then maybe she is. But if she’s like most newly divorced people, she’s not ready for a serious relationship. Between her emotional baggage and his, this couple already has lots of challenges.”

Your turn: Does Tiger deserve a new chance at love? Leave your opinion in the comments.