My Partner and I Don't Have Any Pictures Together


Suggestions and assistance in documenting the good times and the bad

I recently met a man who told me something rather shocking about his marriage. We were discussing the relationship he had with this wife and the incredible time they had spent together, and I asked him if he had been documenting any of it. He thought for a moment then responded, “I have a couple videos on my computer of us, but that’s about it,” I was honestly flabbergasted. This man spoke of his wife with such admiration and devotion that I could hardly understand why they hadn’t taken the time to take more pictures together. When I asked him about pictures they had of each other he produced a wedding book and showed me the 12 pictures of their honeymoon.

Photographs are a small and simple way we document and capture the incredible moments in our lives. Often times we see an old photo or one that was recently taken and we connect to the emotion and sentiment of that moment all over again. There is a power in reconnecting with moments in our lives where we were truly happy. My advice for all couples, dating or otherwise, is to ensure you have a small digital camera handy, or in my case my Nikon Digital SLR with you at all times. Whether in your car or purse, backpack or fanny pack, keep one handy for those moments you want to relive over and over again.

There is a concern with dating couples that the more pictures you take the more heartbreak follows when you split up with a partner. Although break-ups are painful, most people will still equate good feelings to specific moments when they were happy. Even though you’re not seeing that person anymore, you see the picture and relive the happiness and love you felt. I’ve always lived by the same motto, “Love until you’ve loved to love. Then do it all again.”