Does Your First Time Determine Every Time?

Losing Virginity

A new study says how you lost your virginity stays with you the rest of your love life.

On the other hand, I had a friend who lost her virginity with a guy who was disrespectful and refused to acknowledge her afterward. She's spent more of her adult life admittedly feeling like sex is a tool that people use to hurt one another, yet she constantly pursues it because (again, admittedly) she wants the validation it gives.

I also know more than one person who lost theirs in an extremely comfortable setting, even in households where their partner's parents or their own parents were totally okay with the whole deal, and now they all have a positive, open and excited outlook on sex, rarely feeling bad even when situations happen differently from how they had planned.

So, how about your own anecdotal evidence for or against this research? It may sound TMI, but hey, almost everyone's got a story about their virginity loss, and being open about those can bring a whole lot of new revelations and connections. Let's hear it!