Love Bytes: Do Weddings Make Single Women Crazy?

wedding crazy

Plus, science says empathy is real and you can have all the love you want!

According to "science," empathy is real and you can pick up good/bad vibes to your heart's content. Maybe you should start hanging out with nicer people. (HowAboutWe)

If you're planning your wedding when you're single, are you crazy? (TheStir)

Is planning your wedding (while you're single) on Pinterest crazy? (TheGloss)

For real, are single women obsessed with weddings? (Hello Beautiful)

Damn. The Dublin Wives makes than The Real Housewives Of New Jersey look like The Real Housewives Of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. (The Daily Beast)

Should you share your "number" with a new boyfriend? (College Candy)

Are all men commitment phobes? Why? (A New Mode)

As progressive as the French are, gay marriage isn't a sure proposition there either. That's why two male, hetero politicians decided to kiss. (Huffington Post)

7 sex moves that women hate and you may want to stop doing. (Modern Man)

Taylor Swift, we need more breakup songs. (Em & Lo)

And would you hire a male escort? (Good Men Project)

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