Looking Hot in Winter: What to Pack for a Romantic Getaway


Planning to look pretty while away from home on Valentine's Day.


The weather has been so dreary lately that I can't wait for my romantic V-day trip! The boyfriend is taking me to New York City for a four-day mini-vacation. He's getting us tickets for a musical even though he doesn't really like them, because he knows how much I love them! He's promised me that we can shop until I drop, no complaining. And he made reservations somewhere nice for the big dinner, though of course he isn't spilling the beans. While all of this has sent me into romantic overload -- how sweet, you guys? right? -- it's got me seriously stressed about what to pack. I've been doing some preliminary planning so I don't forget anything and here are my initial thoughts on packing for this impromptu winter weekend.

Wardrobe Essentials

Winter in New York means cold, so I'm bringing plenty of outerwear. I'll pack a hat, scarf, mittens and a stylish yet waterproof pair of winter boots. Even though I'll be bundled into my down jacket, I'm planning to take along cute clothes for all our activities. We'll be running ragged all over the city, which means I'll have to pack a little of everything.

For shopping, I want something I can slip in and out of quickly. I'm thinking leggings and a tunic dress. Stylish, simple and warm. For the musical, I'm planning to wear a dress since we're probably going somewhere nice after and I want to look cute. I'm tossing some tights in my suitcase for warmth and I'm going to pick a wrinkle-free fabric for this one. With insulating tights, I can take my dress pretty short which leaves my thighs free for soft touching during the performance. I won't forget my statement necklace and high heels!


For other days, we might see some museums or laze around the hotel, which I hope has a hot tub! I'm thinking jeans and a soft cashmere v-neck that shows off my assets or a loose flowy tank that highlights my curves.

What to Wear for Travel

We're taking the train so we don't have to worry about paying for NYC parking. I'm all for saving money but this does mean I must carry everything. My main goal here is to wear something that will travel well, since we're going to hit the ground running our first day. I'm thinking leggings, boots, a plunging tee and a boyfriend blazer.

I'll fold the blazer during travel so it doesn't wrinkle and stay warm in my puffy coat, then look fabulously sexy whilst we play. I also try to wear nice panties when traveling, cause it just makes me feel cute. Honestly, for the way home I'll wear whatever is clean.

What to Wear for Dinner

For the big V-day dinner, I'm picking a special dress that flatters my body. I'm leaning toward black since it is New York, but I'll probably throw on some shimmery earrings to break it up a bit.

If I know my boy, we'll cab it to the restaurant, which means I can keep my legs bare. Of course, I'll pack some lingerie to whet his appetite later. My boy is partial to lace over silk but you know- whatever floats your man's boat.

That's all I've got! Next step will be dragging everything over to the suitcase and seeing what I can fit. I'm hoping to leave space for lots of shopping goodies so I may have to pare down my list a bit.