Three Kids Later, I Still Love My Body—But On Different Terms

mom with three daughters

As a mom of three, it's not that I don't notice my flaws; it's just that they don't matter.

Besides, my middle kid loves that flap of skin. Once, on my way to the gym, she mournfully asked me if I was going to lose it. I told her I was pretty sure it wasn't going anywhere. "Good," she replied. "Because it is the pluffiest part of your body and I like it."

It sounds absurd to take body image advice from a five-year-old. But the real absurdity lies in the love we lose for our bodies as we grow.

"What is the most beautiful thing about you?" I ask my daughters. 

"My heart."

"My cute little teeth."

"My voice."

"Who is the most beautiful woman you have met?" I ask.

"You!" they chime in chorus.

"What do you think makes me so beautiful?" I ask.

My oldest daughter looks puzzled. My youngest daughter says, "Your toes! They are so cute!"

And my witty middle daughter hits on it, "You are beautiful because I love you. Obviously."

She has found the answer: Instead of worrying about the way I look, I surround myself with people who love me. That way, I will never look less than phenomenal.