Single Parent Or Solo Parent: Which One Are You?

A mom and her child

Which type of partner-less parent are you? Single or solo?

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In my opinion, there are two basic types of partner-less parents: single parents and solo parents. I've been both, sort of, and I can tell you that there are good things and bad things about each situation.

Single parents are probably more common. A single parent raises their child or children without a partner, but the child's other biological parent is still in their lives and takes him or her for visitation.

The good things about being a single parent are first and foremost that you get a break once in awhile. Parenting on your own can be brutally exhausting and it is really nice to actually sleep in and be allowed out of your house after your kids' bedtime and run errands without a child in tow. And, of course, it's beneficial to the child to have both parents involved in his or her life to the fullest extent possible, barring certain circumstances where a parent is deemed unfit.

On the other hand, being a single parent means that you still have to interact with your ex, which can be difficult, especially at first. Minimizing tension for the sake of your child is so important, but depending on what went on before your separation, it's no fun for anyone. (If you read this blog regularly, you know that Tyler and I have struggled with this in the past.) It’s tough to make that shift from couple to coparent, and we all have varying degrees of success at it.

Solo parents do all of the parenting completely on their own. Their child's other biological parent is not in the picture at all, for whatever reason. Keep reading...

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