Love Bytes: It's OK To Break Off An Engagement

She's leaving
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Plus, should you dump him if he doesn't want to live with you?

Picture, if you will, you've spent 5 years writing a book. You've completed 15% of the book. It's terrible, you hate it, the nicest thing anyone can say about it is, "this is a crappier version of Jurrasic Park." Do you A) write the rest of the book or B) try to write something else? Also, it's OK to break off your engagement if need be. (The Frisky)

Listen, you keep your relationship minutia out of my Facebook feed and I'll keep my relationship minutia out of YOUR Facebook feed. Mmmmkay? (CollegeCandy)

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5 steps to make any dude (who likes chicks) fall for you. (A New Mode)

Can a single woman talk to a single man without an undercurrent of sex? Don't know. Is one gay? (Em And Lo)

Would you want a tail so your husband could know what you were thinking? (Huffington Post)

There is someone out there for everyone. Manti Te'o for (fake) eHarmony. (Funny Or Die)

If he doesn't want to cohabit, should you dump him? (Glo)

In vino veritas. Find out what your dude is like when he gets drunk before you get too involved. (Madame Noire)

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