Is Facebook Turning Us Into Relationship Braggers?

couple with computers staring at each other

Boasting may the norm on the social network, but that doesn't mean it's right for your relationship.

Certainly, we're aware that these various forms of interaction are giving our friends, family and acquaintances a big glimpse inside our relationship. But, at the same time, it's almost become expected of us when we're in a relationship to post these things.

This is something I was extremely conscious of in my last relationship. When I felt like I was bragging by putting up pictures from our vacations together, I'd tone it down the next time I put up an album. Though, then I'd hear from friends, "Is everything OK? He hasn't been in your pictures recently?"

When we share our love life on Facebook, our friends, family and acquaintances are more quick to develop thoughts on the relationship. "They're so in love!" "They go everywhere together!"

So what do we do? Do we run the risk of having friends think there's something "wrong" when we don't share our relationship? Or do we embrace the in-your-face nature of social media and share the moments with our friends?

As great as compliments and "likes" may feel — in the short-term at least — what happens online can affect your love life offline. Privacy is important, especially if you hit a rough patch or things don't work out. When it comes to living out your relationship on Facebook, i say, log off.

How do you handle your relationship on Facebook?