Michelle Obama Is Bangin'! Who Else Rocks The Same Look?

Reese Witherspoon

Plus, get some bang tips from top beauty stylists!

Are you ready to go under the knife—er, scissors? Yes, it’s a big decision, but in this case you won’t have to take a few days off of work to recover. If you make the wrong call here, it could lead to tears and these words, “I will never do this again.”

If you do this right, he just might take one finger, whisk them out of your eyes and then go in for the kiss.

Are you ready for bangs? Michelle Obama certainly is and she's not the first who can really rock this look. On her 49th birthday, the first lady debuted her new bangs on her new twitter account (@FLOTUS).

Hollywood is fringing out these days. Actresses who grew their hair out for what seemed like centuries are suddenly telling their hair stylists to chop it off in front.

Who is having a bang-ing good time in Hollywood and who should go for a grow-out?

Anne Hathaway: “I cried when I had to cut my hair off for Les Miz,” Hathaway admits. But what a grow out! Hathaway looks Audrey Hepburn chic in her new pixie cut with the uneven bangs that seem to just magically fall into place. BEAUTY TIP: If you have an oval face like Anne and tend to be petite then this is an amazing look that’s chic and modern.

Lea Michele: The Glee star might sing about heartbreak on the show, but she never experienced the agony of a bad haircut. The truth is Michelle never cut her hair, which is layered past her shoulders. She just uses clip-in bangs for a different look when she wants them. BEAUTY TIP: Buy clip in bangs and then hair your stylist dye them your exact hair color. Nothing is worse than when you can tell they’re clip-ins.

Kerry Washington: She plays a damage control expert on TV, and Washington needed some 911 herself when she rocked thick bangs that seemed to engulf her entire face at the recent Golden Globe awards. BEAUTY TIP: If you have a tiny face then thick fringe will look like you have a clump of hair falling into your eyes. Find more piece-y clip-ins that can be pushed to one side or the other.

Reese Witherspoon: The new mama is the bangs queen. Several years ago, she cut her bangs after her divorce and her new hair seemed to say, “I’m back. I’m dating. I’m hot.” Now married with a new baby, Witherspoon has gone back to her bangs look, which is downright perfect. BEAUTY TIP: Got a heart shaped face like Reese? Run and get those bangs today? Uber cute.

Taylor Swift: She might have some man problems, but she isn’t having bad hair days. Swift used bangs to show that she has a grown up look now. Her blonde fringe and long straight hair is quite glam, and can be pulled back in a sleek ponytail. BEAUTY TIP: Swift didn’t go too short with the bangs. Insist your stylist goes long. You can always go a bit shorter.

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