Anderson Cooper Used To Date Girls ... To Meet Their Brothers!

Anderson Cooper
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The CNN stud dishes about what life was like before he came out.

Anderson Cooper has dated women? We're going to pretend to be shocked, but really, it's not all that suprising. His motive, however, is pretty hilarious.

According to Us, the resident CNN stud — ahem, we mean popular news correspondent recently confessed on his daytime show, AC360, that he used to give ladies the wrong impression when he was younger. "They thought we were dating," he recalled, "and I was sort of hoping to meet their brothers!"

Even though Cooper has been out to his close friends and family since high school, he wasn't eager to have the whole town in on his personal life. So while he kept his female friends at an arm's distance, his intentions were never fully clear to the ladies. Cooper said he "didn't really know" about some of his "alleged" relationships with his female peers.

"I have had a little bit more experience in other areas other than with guys," Cooper said with a giggle. "I don't have much experience, but the few times when I would go on a date with a girl—like when I was 12—there was a lot of sharing, and a lot of talking, and a lot of asking how I am."

The Cooper we know today (who spoke publicly about his sexulaity for the first time in 2012 and lives with his boyfriend and nightclub owner Ben Maisani) still has a plethora of women for friends. "They're my best friends still, but I find they share a lot," the AC360 host said. "I have a friend—I send her one text and I get 20 texts back. Guys don't want a million texts. It's exhausting."

So we think we can now safely assume two things about Cooper and boyfriend Maisani: they send each other only very succinct texts and that they don't overshare.

Tell us: How would you feel if an only fling came out?

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