Ready To Get Married? But Your Man Isn't


Why Breaking up is not the answer, even when he says he will never get married. How to change his

How to change his mind, even when he laughs and says your crazy if you ever think this guy will be tied down. To a women commitment is sexy, passion,sweet, caring.

To a Man, commitment, is... Hard, no fun, cost money, no freedom,

With these complete different point of views, how in the world could you ever get two people on the same track when their so opposite??

This is where a little piece of advice comes in that a lot of women have no clue about men, when it comes to a man, they are strong minded and sometimes just a pain the ass.

But when you know how to stroke their egos, and get that man thinking how lucky he is to be with a women like you his whole fear of commitment starts to fly out the window.

Why? Because men are like little kids, if they feel like they have to do something or they feel like there being pressured they will do everything in their power to steer clear of that commitment.

As for a women, you have the upper hand here, because men wan't a women, the power lays with you, when done correctly you can give your man an ultimatum, now this is never advised to do with any man, but when he has no clue that what it is, this works like a charm.

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The best way for a man to commit and want to get married, is when he sees something in his women, that he realizes he would never be able to live without.

A lot of times what happens is a women, will say, either commit now, or I am gone... A Man's pride will shout back, **FINE LEAVE**

it's not that a man doesn't want to be with you, but the second you toss up an idle threat like that he will cut you lose, because his ego and pride kicks in before his heart ever will.

That's why it's so important to understand how men operate before getting them to commit or even propose to you, it's hard waiting and you may be saying this will never work, my man is set on never getting married..

Don't worry your man hasn't been hit with this advice your about to come at him with.

There is no such thing of a non commitment man, every guy is commitment able, they just have to have what I call their magical traffic signal flipped to green so it's all go ahead.

You will get more on the man's magical traffic signal in a few seconds, once you visit the website you're going to get more information that you could ever imagine about a man and his ability commit to a women.

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