'Will You Marry Me?' There's An App For That

man proposing to woman

Giving Proposal Pro a test run.

Your smartphone can tell pretty much everything from the name of the song you're hearing to exactly where you parked your car. And now, joining the list of necessities is an app that tells guys how to propose to their girlfriends. Is it helpful or just another form of technology that kills the romance? I, most certainly not a man ready to get engaged, decided to give Proposal Pro a test run and see for myself.

While I was expecting a step-by-step guide on how to get down on one knee, it turns out there's plenty of helpful advice here.

Let's start with the ring. Proposal Pro, which is created by Helzberg Diamonds assumes you're buying a Helzberg ring, so all of the ring options are such and there's lots of promotional information trickled throughout this section. But what's helpful here, is the material on ring shapes and cuts, diagrams included. Additionally, they have a template to help you find out her ring size. You just hold up one of her rings to a circle as expand based on size. Looks like I'm a 6, boys.

Next comes the "parents" section, featuring some pretty obvious tips about asking for their daughter's hand in marriage, like don't look like a total slob and be sure to tell them how much she means to you. If anything, this might be helpful to ease nerves.

I have mixed feelings about the location section. Powered by Yelp, there's a search tool that lets you enter your city and the type of place you're looking to propose, such as a park or somewhere romantic. On one hand, it's certainly helpful to see what others consider the best in your city. But as even the app description reads, it's important to chose a location that is meaningful to you and your partner.

While Yelp rates The Conservatory Garden and Central Park the best parks in New York to get engaged, if these places don't mean anything to you and your partner — what's the point? I think the location for your proposal is one of those things an app just can't tell you. Well, aside from knowing your exact location and how to get there.

Last but not least — this is actually my favorite feature — is the proposal generator. "Give it a little thought and planning, and make sure it fits your style" says The Proposal description. After filling out some basic information, like how long you've been dating, one of your bad habits and a shared hobby, the app creates five proposals for you: romantic, to the point, funny, poetic and limerick. While yes, proposals should come from the heart and not your iPhone, they certainly can give you some creative ideas and end writer's block.

The last function, which I didn't try for obvious reasons, announces the good news to your Facebook friends.

So, is it OK for guys to seek advice from an app before proposing? I say yes — it's helpful, gets you in the zone and can be a good starting point. And, just like he should act with other advice he receives, he just needs to tailor it to your relationship.

What do you think about this app? How would you feel if your guy used it to plan his proposal?

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