How to Last Longer in Bed


Apart from using a reliable penis ring, here are ways to achieve that endurance during lovemaking.

There’s been a lot of buzz about “wonder” products in the tradition of Viagra, and mechanical tools that are akin to what a penis ring or a similar cock and balls toy (CBT) does. And there has been some positive correlation; a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medication, for instance, showed that medications helped extend the length of time men could go before they reach orgasm.

But what you should is that there has not been a true “magic pill” to help you go all night. Researchers, for one, emphasize that it’s hard to determine whether the medication was actually responsible for the orgasm delay or not (before of a lack of placebo).

There are tips, though, that cannot get any simpler and more practical. A horse shoe cockring may be a fine thing, but have you explored these techniques sourced from Men’s Health yet?

1. Squeeze Technique – Here’s how to do this: as soon you feel close to coming, stop stimulation and squeeze right below your penis head. Focus the pressure on the urethra, or the tube running along the underside of your penis, because doing so will repress your ejaculatory response temporarily. Once the arousal dies down, repeat this technique a few more times before climaxing.

2. Stop-Start Technique – According to Debby Herbenick, a sex researcher at Indiana University and author, you have to get used to building your arousal to where you are almost at the point of no return. It’s simple: start stimulation, but simply pause for a brief moment as soon as you feel that you are getting too aroused (5 to 10 seconds are recommended). Let your arousal subside, and then release after repeating this technique a number of times.

3. Wear-a-Rubber Technique – Another method for pushing back your ejaculatory response is wearing a desensitizing condom. The trick is benzocaine, a desensitizing lubricant that can help you buy some more time enjoying the sexual sensation. But remember not to put the condom on inside out, as the substance will end up inside your lady’s vagina.

If you want to stick to your favorite cock ring, just keep important reminders in mind. To stay safe, avoid wearing cockrings for extended periods of time (like in your sleep), and remove the ring at the first sign of numbness, cold genitals, pain, and extreme swelling and discomfort. Follow the instructions on the package label in order to use the penis ring for maximum benefits and safety value.