Creating a Delicious Life in 2013


A new year is a great time to think about "what's next".

In a few months I’m turning 35 years old. I know in the grand scheme of things, 35 is not old, especially, God willing, if I live to be as old as my nearly 100-year-old grandmother. But somehow this impending birthday has me sometimes keeping score of my life during moments of self-doubt.

No husband, no boyfriend, no kids – and here’s the scary part (or at least scary for me to come to terms with) – I really don’t care. But society keeps telling me I should care. It’s like, I don’t get flu shots, but everyone else seems to be doing it. So even though I don’t want a flu shot, I wonder, “What if I catch the flu and die?!”

But if I truly wanted a boyfriend, husband and/or kids (or flu shots), I’m sure I’d be actively pursuing getting them. Instead, I focus my time on my hobbies, work and personal development. I start to question myself though when I get questions like, “Are you dating anyone?” or “Do you want kids?” or “Why don’t you have this or that yet?” or “When are you going to...?” Just fill in the blanks. These questions remind that I’m nearly 35 and if I were following the socially accepted life path, I’d be way behind right now. Read more: