Love Bytes: Bringing The Same Platonic Plus One To Every Wedding

platonic wedding date

Plus, The Rules are BACK!

First of all, going to a wedding solo is one of the greatest gifts you can give the parents of the bride and, frankly, yourself. But if you're always bringing the same platonic plus one, here are the questions you'll have to answer. (HowAboutWe)

The more things change … The Rules ARE BACK. (TheStir)

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Skype can save your marriage. (Parenting)

Richard Branson's bro Panjak Shah buys people dinner based on who seems to be the most in love. Great, people in love get more and more things. (Huffington Post)

Should I be buds with my ex or no? (Tres Sugar)

10 reasons to be happy your ex-boyfriend is doing well. (Gurl)

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And more reason to get back together with your ex: Super Gonorrhea. (Modern Man)

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