Kelly Osbourne Thanks Her Boyfriend For Her Amazing Body

Kelly Osbourne & Matthew Mosshart

See the delicious way he's been contributing to her healthy weight.

In October, friends of Kelly Osbourne raved that she was the happiest she's ever been with boyfriend Matthew Mosshart. Now, she's explaining that she's also the thinnest she's ever been, and he deserves some credit!

Osbourne, 28, recently opened up to UK's Fabulous magazine, about her weight, her man and her ficious haters!

"I'm the thinnest I’ve ever been and the healthiest I've ever been," she told the mag. "The totally insane thing is that I'm a UK size four to six and people still say I'm fat! Lady Gaga's fans are the worst. They've said I should kill myself, that they hope I get raped." Gaga's fans are downright crazy to suggest death over weight issues and an attempt of someone to become a healthy and happy person, especially since she tries to set an example of acceptance.

Osbourne lost 65 pounds during her time as a competitor on Dancing With the Stars in 2009 and she's worked hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle ever since.

"I still exercise every day, even just for 15 minutes, but I’m careful with what I eat," she said. "I read the labels!" Osbourne isn't just happy because she's in shape, but she also has an amazing man to help her along the way. 

29-year-old Mosshart is a vegan chef who helps keep Osbourne's insecurities in check! And she couldn't be anymore in love. "He's amazing," she said. "I couldn't believe that he truly liked me because I never think people ever could, but I'm so happy."

Us Weekly reported recently that the famous family likes her boyfriend, too. He moved from NYC to LA to be with the E! star!

"I don't think I've ever really known what love is like before!"

Tell us: Does your significant other help keep your health in check?

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